Let the evidence do the talking! 

Security professionals around the world face a common challenge. How to develop quality Detection Dogs, cost-effectively and in significant numbers?

While they go by many names, Bomb Dogs, Sniffer Dogs, Explosives Detection Dogs (EDD's) or Scent Dogs, all have one thing in common; they do critical work. They are part of our front-line defence against terrorism and other idiosyncratic threats. The stakes could not be higher.

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Detection Dog Engineering

In Canis Speramus is meeting the challenge head-on with a new approach. Introducing Detection Dog Engineering; a novel and specialized application of science, mathematical methods, and empirical evidence.

To become the best you can be, you need to understand your strengths as well as your weaknesses objectively. Being objective is hard work, and it is particularly tricky concerning endearing and courageous creatures such as working dogs.

By developing technologies, tools, and new training methodologies In Canis Speramus gains a unique advantage, an objective and evidence-based perspective on every detection dog in our program.

An application of science, mathematical methods, and empirical evidence.

Our technology platform combines practical data collection utilities with powerful analytics making new evidence-based training methods both possible and time efficient. The result; reduced costs and detection dogs with proven and objective performance qualities,

In Canis Speramus has something to offer all stakeholders with high-quality detection dogs:

  • Trained EDD's: each one has accumulated a detailed and verifiable performance track record. Call us today for current availability.
  • Detection Dog Consulting: Training, deploying or contracting detection dog resources? Our factual perspective and knowledge will help you reduce costs and limit liability.
  • K9-Audits: Evidence-based quality control for mission-critical detection dog teams; A best practice to ensure safety and limit liability! Our technologies make the process cost-efficient and timely.

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