Our dog training approach stems from a thorough understanding of canine behaviour, based on extensive experience and recent research. Dogs are highly intelligent and social animals. Within their own social group, they establish and maintain relationships built on trust, respect, and cooperation. To bring out the very best in them, our primary task is therefore to do the same; all dog training takes place within the context of a solid relationship.
The nurturing and training of a high performance canine requires skill and dedication from both handler and dog. To be all that it can be, a dog must demonstrate an unwavering  commitment to the task at hand. This commitment stems from this solid relationship between dog and handler; you cannot coerce a dog into excellence.


To have a meaningful relationship requires communication and, therefore, some form of language; a dog can only execute that which it can understand.  Thus, dog training is essentially about language. In this context, language is not only verbal or vocal, but encompasses nuances of body language, such as posture, movement, and tone of voice. The interplay between voice and body language extends the ‘vocabulary’ used to communicate between dog and handler. In this sense, what sets great dog trainers apart is their extensive vocabulary.  It allows them to be coherent to a dog - a necessary talent to achieve canine excellence


Raised in a home environment, the dogs are well socialized with children, family friends, and other animals. They are trained with the expectation of absolute obedience to its handlers, thereby ensuring their role as reliable, loyal and lovable family companions. Before placement, we conduct an assessment of our client’s particular requirements, in order to select the most suitable of our canine candidates. Based on this assessment, our professional dog trainers also customize the final stage of the training program. After each dog has successfully passed all of our rigorous performance criteria for protection, agility and obedience, it’s time to gradually transition them to their new family or work environment. 

I want to express my profound gratitude to Peter Lood and Shai Perlmutter of In Canis Speramus for putting their utmost of talents and time into training Archer into a world class PTSD Service Dog. This was very evident to me from the first time I met and worked with Archer, until the completion of an extremely demanding, but very worthwhile and successful, transitional training program under their tutelage.

Every one of you have participated in a support effort that likely saved my life. Archer has been successful in returning a little joy in my life, all of which has been impacted by multiple traumas since 1997 and before.

From the bottom of my heart, I will never forget or take for granted the impact of your compassion, generosity, support, and professionalism.
— Retired Constable Gary Potter, Ontario Provincial Police (OPP)

Belgian Malinois and German Shepherds

To meet our high standards, we have selected the Belgian Malinois and the German Shepherd. We know these breeds and their qualities well. Their vigilance, need to work, intelligence and focus put them in a league of their own.