Are you looking for a Personal or Family Protection Dog?


With more than 30 years experience, we understand the unique requirements of Personal And Family Protection Dogs. Unlike other working dogs such as police and security patrol dogs,  Personal or Family  Protection Dog must be capable of performing their duty alone - to effectively deter and defend against any potential assailant with the utmost courage, confidence, and power.  An In Canis Speramus dog does this and much more, they can also transform your life – it’s a well socialized and loving family member that will be a great source of pride and joy for any individual or family.


Our Team of Expert Dog Trainers

  • We have a proven track record and demonstrated dog training experience
  • We understand our clients and their need for protection and privacy.
  • We train our dogs for real life situations, not ring-sports, because our clients' safety depends on it.

Selecting the best Dogs for Personal Protection

  • Our dogs are specifically trained for duty as Personal Protection Dogs.
  • Each dog has successfully graduated from our proprietary dog training program.
  • Each dog is raised by our experienced dog trainers in a family home environment t.o ensure that he/she is properly socialized with children, family friends, and other pets. 
  • Our Elite Malinois and German Shepards are selectively bred to produce an ideal temperament for Personal Protection. They are loyal and loving companions, yet capable of exerting tremendous power and performance when it really counts
  • Our Breeding Program ensures complete quality control from start to finish.



We currently have a number of candidates in the Top Dog Training Program - Elite Personal Protection Dogs that have advanced through our rigorous training, including off-leash advanced obedience, agility, protection work and scenario-based training exercises. 

The price for one of our Personal Protection Dogs starts at $35,000. It includes the cost of the Transition Program - an intensive one-on-one course to transfer skills and ownership of the dog to its new family members.

To match you with a dog that is right for your family, we conduct an in-depth assessment to gain a better understanding of your particular requirements. The last phase of the training is then tailored to suit your needs.

Please tell us about your Personal Protection Dog requirement. We will then contact you with our recommendation.

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